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Centric Energy Systems Awarded "10 Most Promising Energy Tech Solution Providers in 2019"

We’re proud to announce that Centric Energy Systems was named one of the “10 Most Promising Energy Tech Solution Providers in 2019” by CIO Review Magazine. As one of the leading providers of energy technology solutions, we take pride in helping businesses like yours explicitly track energy usage and improving your energy consumption practices.

Knowing that energy comes with a considerable price tag, we implement solutions that help you see visually where, when, and how much energy your organization is consuming in real time.

From CIO Review Magazine:

“Centric understands the multilayered dynamics of an organization concerning the financial and managerial outlooks on energy. “Organizations look at energy as a big dollar item,” states [Dennis Stewart, president of Centric Energy Systems.]. As a systems integrator, Centric has developed a software product which delivers accurate energy usage readings to a dashboard that is updated in real time. This dashboard articulately displays energy usage data—that has been collected from various devices across the facility—to the concerned departments via graphs, charts, and customizable graphics to discernibly and systematically illustrate “how much, where, and when” energy was used in an organization. “We seldom dictate or recommend hardware” adds Stewart. “Our core focus is applying software to existing hardware and networking infrastructure to bring visibility to energy utilization.”

Since our beginnings in 2001, we have been walking hand in hand with our clients to create custom energy management solutions. We help break down the most complex challenges you face when it comes to energy consumption. 

Every organization is unique, and so are their energy requirements. As we grow and expand our horizons as an energy tech solution provider, we will continue to innovate and help the many organizations we serve monitor, visualize, and ultimately conserve their energy usage. 


Read the CIO Review Magazine article in the digital edition of their publication, or view a PDF copy here

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