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Energy Monitoring & Visualization

Increase your Energy Efficiency with Centric Energy Systems

You know all too well that energy usage comes at a price. The total cost shows up in your monthly utility bill. But then what? How can you better understand your utility bill and what can you do about it? Do you know the drivers of your business’ energy costs? Do you understand your business’ energy use? Can you visualize your business’ energy use over time and map energy efficiency and trends?

Centric Energy Systems (CES) specializes in systems that help you understand and report your energy use before, during and after the bill and identify opportunities to increase energy efficiency. Energy is complex. Each organization is unique. CES consults with you to define and design ways to capture energy information you can understand, visualize, and report. CES has worked with a variety of clients including manufacturers, educational institutions, service companies and process facilities. Our customizable systems and approach make energy information accessible to you and empower you to improve your operations.

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